Is This the Story You Are Telling Yourself?

Singular view of a story, Perspective
Have you ever considered how we formulate ideas of people? Whether race, culture, or religion, we are each presented with information about a group of people. From that viewpoint our entire perspective is then created and often times cemented. Despite not always having a complete 360-degree view, we make vast assumptions, create personal truths, and assign entire populations...
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Our Perspective on Life… is What Defines Who We Are.

How's the View From Where You Are Standing?  Perspective is such a fascinating thing. It's what defines who we are, what we believe, what we fight for, and ultimately what pushes our buttons--and even how we serve and make a difference. Ironically though, it doesn't take much for our perspective on life to be influenced, by our friends, the media, our industry, our ne...
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