Vietnamese Grubbing in the Heart of Denver’s Asian Markets

Vietnamese Dining
We made another stop to Southeast Asia last night with Global Grubbing through our new “dinner club” series. This time, we headed over to the South Federal Boulevard region of Denver, which houses a plethora of Asian markets, restaurants, and stores. If you’ve never ventured into this part of town, you’ll know you’ve made it when you see the Far East Center just south of...
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Curry, Satay, and Rendang: Savoring the Flavors of Malaysia

When you step into Makan you are quickly transported to the tropics of Malaysia by the smell of fish paste and curry permeating the air, the simple wood tables and chairs, and the cucumber green walls. It only takes moments for your stomach to catch on that it will soon be fed some enticing and exotic food. Step into the smells of curry, fish paste, and coconut permitting the...
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Cooking with the Best

I might be just a little biased when it comes to cooking Arabic food, not because I cook it, but because it’s one of my favorite types of food to eat. I love a smooth, garlicky hummus, fried kibbeh, fresh pita, and the lemony flavors that embody Middle Eastern cuisine. It was one of the first “ethnic” foods I’d ever eaten and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. Needless to say, I wa...
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A Journey to the Congo – Global Grubbing Cooking Class

Is there anything more satisfying than the smell of fresh cut onions and peppers, seasoned meat baking in the oven, and plantains frying on the stove? I don’t believe so, especially when you are surrounded by people who have a love and passion for travel, culture, and food, and a host that is so warm and inviting you just want to linger a little bit longer than you should… ...
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Global Grubbing: Dining Kamayan Style

Go ahead, wash your hands and dig in! Last night we traveled to the Philippines with our Global Grubbing series. We had amazing food, great conversation, and a unique experience. We ate like local Filipinos in a Kamayan dinner. The word Kamay is the Filipino word for hand, so in a Kamayan style dinner there are no eating utensils, you eat only with your hands! Like I fin...
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Conversation, Community, and Chai for Nepal

It’s hard to believe in the heart of a small town like Golden, Colorado you have a gem like the Sherpa House. A cultural center fully adorned with a wishing wheel, dieties, and delicious food from the Himalayas. On Monday night, over 45 people gathered together to raise awareness about human trafficking, to learn more about a country in Asia, and meet a few people who are do...
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A Little Taste of Ethiopia in My Own Backyard

Ethnic Dining, Global Cuisine
Prior to this week, my only experience of Ethiopian food consisted of spicy lentil soup and injera, both of which I thought to be quite tasty and left me wanting more. Yet, I was intimated by a true “Ethiopian style” dinner, after all, rumor had it, these places make you eat with your hands! I’ve long been curious about the Ethiopian Restaurant that sits along Colfax Avenue....
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Smiling, Dining, Cooking–Nepali Style

Global Grubbing, Ethnic Dining, Cooking School, Denver
It was by chance that I met Sujita. I had stopped in the mall to get my eyebrows threaded (a technique mainly used by woman in Asia and the Middle East), an alternative to waxing that I started doing just earlier this year. When I first went into the salon to get threaded, I realized it was all woman from around the world who were doing this service, so that intrigued me more a...
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Global Grubbing: Cambodia

ethnic food, dining, Denver
We journeyed to Southeast Asia to tempt our taste buds at Woody’s Wings and Things in Westminster, CO. Yes, you heard that right. Why yes, this place does serve chicken wings and onion wings. Yes, it’s an obscure location in a northern Denver suburb strip mall. Yes, the sign from the street boasts “wings and things” and “Chinese” food. But this place is so much mo...
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Global Grubbing – A Journey to Venezuela through Food

Last night we had our first Global Grubbing experience at Elote’s Café in Golden, Colorado. We had a smaller, intimate group, and it was a perfect start to a blossoming idea. The owner, Luis, was at the restaurant when we arrived and he greeted us and shared about the Latin American specials they had prepared that day. Each month they integrate different specials into th...
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