Global Grubbing: Dining Kamayan Style

Go ahead, wash your hands and dig in! Last night we traveled to the Philippines with our Global Grubbing series. We had amazing food, great conversation, and a unique experience. We ate like local Filipinos in a Kamayan dinner. The word Kamay is the Filipino word for hand, so in a Kamayan style dinner there are no eating utensils, you eat only with your hands! Like I fin...
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A Little Taste of Ethiopia in My Own Backyard

Ethnic Dining, Global Cuisine
Prior to this week, my only experience of Ethiopian food consisted of spicy lentil soup and injera, both of which I thought to be quite tasty and left me wanting more. Yet, I was intimated by a true “Ethiopian style” dinner, after all, rumor had it, these places make you eat with your hands! I’ve long been curious about the Ethiopian Restaurant that sits along Colfax Avenue....
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Global Grubbing – A Journey to Venezuela through Food

Last night we had our first Global Grubbing experience at Elote’s Café in Golden, Colorado. We had a smaller, intimate group, and it was a perfect start to a blossoming idea. The owner, Luis, was at the restaurant when we arrived and he greeted us and shared about the Latin American specials they had prepared that day. Each month they integrate different specials into th...
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