Services and Events

Calendar of Events:

8/31 – Global Grubbing Food Tour – Cambodia

9/27 – Global Grubbing Food Tour – Ethiopia

10/ – Global Grubbing Food Tour – Nepal at the Sherpa House

*Upcoming events that require registration will be placed here, please check the calendar frequently as new events will be added soon. 


If you live in Denver, be sure to check out some of my local Meetups.

Check out my Meetups

CommUnity Matters – A place for local ChangeMakers and Difference-Makers to meetup, share ideas, and connect.

Spirited Roots: Women Celebrating Community – A place for women to gather in community.

Retreats, Events and Workshops: 
We offer a variety of workshops, events and retreats. You can choose to attend an event on your own, or an event can be sponsored by you or your company to be held exclusively for your group/team.
Andrea’s workshops primarily focus on three core areas:
– Creating Community/Sense of Connectedness
– Cultivating Compassion
– Making a Difference/Bringing about Change


Unity with Your Community: Making a Difference through Service

We are all in the business of serving, whether through a business, in our relationships or our day-to-day interactions with others.

In this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Your biggest passions and where you can make the most impact.
  • How to serve with more gusto, tenacity and pizzazz
  • The strategies to keep your cup filled and serve from the overflow
  • How to maintain a level of service that’s sustainable, and stay passionate about your pursuits

You’ll walk away with a profound sense of interconnectedness and having a deeper understanding of your role within society.

Muse and Movement – Community and Connectedness

The key to creativity, joy, and a deeper feeling of connectedness is through movement.

  • Discover strategies and actions to get out of your head and into your heart
  • Garner an overall sense of connectedness to the world, your innerself, and the people in your life
  • Gain valuable insights and answers to critical questions
  • Experience living in the present moment with mindful awareness