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Connected: 101 Ways to Be of Service and Create Community

Connected: 101 Ways to Create Community, Make a difference, inspiration

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Connected is the start to seeing and being a different kind of human being. One in which we take conscious actionscontribute to humanity on a soul level—without the need for anything in return—to be of service and unite people merely for the sake of bringing people together and doing good. It is about stepping away from a “me-focused” agenda and shifting towards a “we-focused” world.

What if we lived in a world where every single person mattered? What if we all knew and felt that we belong, that none of us are separate or disconnected and that we all have a beautiful, meaningful place in our society and the world? What if…

In Connected, you’ll find 101 ways to that you can get involved and take an active role in your community. These ideas are meant as a point of inspiration–whether you take one or two and do them repeatedly or take the “Connected Challenge” and complete all 101 ways. Either way, have fun and get engaged in the world around you.

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What Others Are Saying:

“What a fun and joyful experience it is to open the book Connected and be reminded that little things do matter! This is not a how-to book. Rather it is full of little bright ideas that when followed through, lead to more connection, appreciation and belonging in the greater world community. Pick a page and let the loudest font with the right message speak to your heart and spur you into action. Andrea’s book will inspire you to make your corner of the world a better place!”
– Jan Haas, Author of Moving Mountains, One Woman’s Fight to Live Again

“Connected is a playful approach to community involvement and unification. Costantine’s creative reminders and fresh ideas are spontaneous, insightful and fun. Connected will keep you motivated to make a difference – one conscious act at a time!”
– Melissa Kline, co-founder of Anassa Publications, LLC, author of My Beginning

“Connected is a book that will fill the gap of what you might find missing in your life. If you are searching for more fulfillment and and connection to your community, grab Andrea Costantine’s new book and be gently guided to how you can serve and enjoy your community today.” – Lisa J. Shultz, Author,

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Five Little Arepas

“Amigos, por favor, beware!” Journey with the five little arepas as they dare to escape their fate. The five little arepas find themselves ready to be devoured by the hombre, they must find a way to fiesta before they lose the chance. This Spanish twist of the Five Little Pumpkins is sure to become a nursery rhyme favorite, perfect for young readers and early learners.

Five Little Arepas is a great nursery rhyme book for preschools, libraries, introductory Spanish, read-along story books, and first readers.

You can find the Five Little Arepas in paperback or on Kindle at Amazon. Hardback books available upon request for $9.95. Please contact Andrea for more information.