How to Get Involved with Refugees

Volunteering with Refugees
It’s been amazing to watch so many people step up this year and find ways to get serve the refugee community, but I also know there are many more people who are searching for ways to get involved. Over the years, I’ve learned about many resources and organizations so people can meet their refugee neighbors and support this population So, I thought it was time I share all the...
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People Are Good. I Really Believe That.

When you look around at most of the world, it’s easy to question whether or not humanity has totally become a complete wreck. Our news reminds us of all the tragedies, traumas, and terrors that are happening at every moment and in every corner of the world. But sometimes, all you need to do is walk into a local café in the heart of your city to find out that good people rea...
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Do I Really Have to Ask?

Making a difference, Get out and act!
We’ve all been there. The place when you really need or want something so badly and yet your partner (friend, sibling, parent, boss, co-worker) just isn’t getting it. They aren’t stepping up to the plate and doing what you need them to do. And you think to yourself, DO I REALLY HAVE TO ASK YOU TO DO THIS FOR ME? You should know that I need/want this--shouldn’t you? But wh...
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Getting Involved: What’s In it For YOU?

Most people intuitively believe there's some benefit to being involved in community service, but yet there's still a disconnect as to why some people volunteer and some don't. In 2012, studies showed that 26.8% of Americans volunteered.  I think that's a great number, especially considering it's the highest level in five years (according to the report on Civic Life.) Anoth...
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