The Chinese New Year – Fun Facts About the Cultures, Customs, and Traditions

Traditional Celebration, China
As an American, I’m often deeply disappointed that our culture doesn’t seem to have the richness of history, customs, and traditions that so many other cultures around the world embrace and celebrate. I found myself seeking out festivals, like the Day of the Dead, holidays, and events celebrated by my fellow global citizens in order to get a taste of some of the magic and b...
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A Night of “Henna and Hummus” with Meet the Middle East

I committed to having more fun and more joy in this New Year. AND, on my wish list of things to do was to learn Henna, an ancient painting tradition done by many regions in Asia and the northern part of Africa. So, I was thrilled to see an event pop up on Facebook called, “Henna and Hummus,” and I signed up to join in the fun. I was excited not only to learn Henna, but also ...
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“Oh Girls, They Just Wanna Have Fun!” — Bringing Playfulness Back

Diverse experiences, Global connections
I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve noticed that my tone about life has taken a road towards serious-ville. Perhaps it’s getting married, having a kid, and edging closer towards the BIG 4-0. Whatever IT is, I can’t say that I like it. Winter really gets to me, I still haven’t totally shaken my Florida roots. Being cooped up inside for months on end with darkness looming at ...
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Taking a Stand Against Racism and Prejudice

I was in fourth grade in a suburb outside of Orlando, Florida. My teacher, Mrs. Ezell was fierce. Her face was full of anger. It was completely fueled by a student calling another student “black.” Mrs. Ezell was short, perhaps only 5’2, but she was powerful and passionate. She wore the strongly scented perfume of cigarette smoke and hung out in the teacher’s smoke room on ev...
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Keeping Traditions Alive – Finding Community in Our Holiday Rituals

Rituals, Christmas, Traditions, Cultures
In the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle, holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and shopping, sits the traditions and values that glue our families together during this time of year. Each year as we began the cycle of the holiday season, I am reminded of all the unique traditions celebrated by various people and cultures. As I child, I never fully understood the impact...
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The Day of the Dead Celebrations (Dia de los Muertos)

Day of the Dead Celebrations
Holidays, cultures, and traditions from around the world are something that truly intrigues me. I’m fascinated by how much our small families and communities as well as our larger culture and country influence who we are as people and how we live our lives. When I notice an event around a holiday or tradition from another culture, I love to attend and learn more about wh...
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Conversation, Community, and Chai for Nepal

It’s hard to believe in the heart of a small town like Golden, Colorado you have a gem like the Sherpa House. A cultural center fully adorned with a wishing wheel, dieties, and delicious food from the Himalayas. On Monday night, over 45 people gathered together to raise awareness about human trafficking, to learn more about a country in Asia, and meet a few people who are do...
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A Little Taste of Ethiopia in My Own Backyard

Ethnic Dining, Global Cuisine
Prior to this week, my only experience of Ethiopian food consisted of spicy lentil soup and injera, both of which I thought to be quite tasty and left me wanting more. Yet, I was intimated by a true “Ethiopian style” dinner, after all, rumor had it, these places make you eat with your hands! I’ve long been curious about the Ethiopian Restaurant that sits along Colfax Avenue....
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A Sweet Tradition for the Fall

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
I find that the older I get, the more I love having traditions. Traditions are the things that make each season, holiday, or milestone actually feel like something special to me. It's in these traditions that will later adds moments of nostalgia as we look back with those seemingly longing eyes and think, "Where has the time gone?" and reminisce about those remember whens. O...
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Smiling, Dining, Cooking–Nepali Style

Global Grubbing, Ethnic Dining, Cooking School, Denver
It was by chance that I met Sujita. I had stopped in the mall to get my eyebrows threaded (a technique mainly used by woman in Asia and the Middle East), an alternative to waxing that I started doing just earlier this year. When I first went into the salon to get threaded, I realized it was all woman from around the world who were doing this service, so that intrigued me more a...
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