Global Grubbing – A Journey to Venezuela through Food

Dining on Venezuelan food with Global Grubbing
Last night we had our first Global Grubbing experience at Elote’s Café in Golden, Colorado. We had a smaller, intimate group, and it was a perfect start to a blossoming idea. The owner, Luis, was at the restaurant when we arrived and he greeted us and shared about the Latin American specials they had prepared that day. Each month they integrate different specials into th...
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The Brokenness of Our Boys

Brokenness of Boys, Mass murders, Violence, Society of men,
This topic has been stirring within me for sometime now. Perhaps it’s because I am now responsible for raising a boy. Perhaps it’s due to my awareness of what’s happening with men. But mostly it’s due to a sense of sadness that something is irretrievably broken within our society of men. The latest mass murder sent an upheaval to the topic for me, bringing it to the forefront o...
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Frankly, I’m actually embarrassed by this…

Consumerism, E
I know I am one of the lucky ones. I have a roof over my head. We’ve got food in our refrigerator (often more than we ever finish eating), and my closet has clothes that rotate with the seasons. That makes me (and likely you) better off than 83% of the WORLD’S POPULATION, a staggering number that we can easily forget about when we have access to so many “things.” But frankly...
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The Making of An Awesome Community

Do you really love your neighborhood, your city, and your community? Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. - Anthony J. D'Angelo Next week marks my eight year anniversary for moving to the city of Denver, Colorado. In eight years, I’ve created a community and network for myself here, but not only do I love the people, I love the city as well—and it j...
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Is This the Story You Are Telling Yourself?

Singular view of a story, Perspective
Have you ever considered how we formulate ideas of people? Whether race, culture, or religion, we are each presented with information about a group of people. From that viewpoint our entire perspective is then created and often times cemented. Despite not always having a complete 360-degree view, we make vast assumptions, create personal truths, and assign entire populations...
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Do I Really Have to Ask?

Making a difference, Get out and act!
We’ve all been there. The place when you really need or want something so badly and yet your partner (friend, sibling, parent, boss, co-worker) just isn’t getting it. They aren’t stepping up to the plate and doing what you need them to do. And you think to yourself, DO I REALLY HAVE TO ASK YOU TO DO THIS FOR ME? You should know that I need/want this--shouldn’t you? But wh...
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How to Make New Friends and Meet New People

Meeting new friends, getting to know new people
In a recent study about social connections, most people reported having only two or three people in which they felt close enough to share personal details about their life. That number dropped from decades ago, where the average was closer to four or five, and experts see that number dropping even more in the future. It’s no wonder 3.5 MILLION people are searching online for “...
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Could Your Life Change By Doing Just This One Thing?

I’ve had these instances lately where I’ve realized that life really does happen in the moments. They are silly moments, not moments of greatness, or impact, but just times of random connection. Like being at a 4-way-stop sign and both myself and the other driver trying to wave the other one to go first—and then both of us chuckling at ourselves for wanting the other to go. ...
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A Taste of Comfort Food from Around the World

The yummy noodle dish Chyung (from Myanmar) fixed for me yesterday to help my "achoo's"
This week I’ve been nursing a head cold that seemed to get passed around our house faster than I could grab a tissue to wipe my nose. Yesterday, despite my stuffiness, I still ventured out to see my refugee friend to help her with English since I haven’t seen her for a while. After we finished up our work together, she insisted I stay for some food. She went into the kitc...
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The Ultimate Loss Within Our Communities

Mother embracing and soothes depressed daughter
Today is the 32nd anniversary of my father’s suicide. I was exactly one month away from turning five, my younger brother only two, and my sister almost eight. Even thirty years later, it’s hard to know exactly why my father chose to leave this planet and his life, but he did. Suicide is the ultimate loss within our communities, because it’s a cry for help heard too late. We i...
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