Peeking Out from Behind the Clouds of Parenting

I’ve been quiet lately, not because I’m not talking or thinking or wondering or dreaming. Not for any other reason than I simply haven’t made time to write. But I am making that time now.

I feel I must.

I have points to make, things I want to share, topics I want to discuss.

This year, I’ll be peeking my head out from behind the clouds of parenting again. This year, I’ll re-discover that woman in me that is both quiet and calm, bold and brave, all the while balancing this thing called life.

This year there is a mantra I am repeating to myself, “root to rise.”

Root to Rise

This is where I am.

The root…

Prior to having children I considered myself a mindful person. I read books about mindfulness, had a mediocre meditation practice, and felt present when talking with people.

Since having children, time has literally been stripped away from me. It’s as if children take you down to the very basic essentials of living, you manage to eat, sleep a little, and shower on rare occasions when you need to see someone outside of your immediate family. But all the other non-essentials seem to get stripped.

In a way, it’s a good thing.

You find out what matters. All those things that you had on your to do list that will now never be done, didn’t need to be done in the first place. The noise of the news that can spiral you down into a depressive state, doesn’t need to be heard. The drama and chatter of other people, well there’s just not enough energy to participate in stuff like that.

On the flip side, some of my essentials went missing. The ones that keep me grounded and present, like meditating, having deep conversations with people, and volunteering. Those are the things that I miss. These are the things that matter to me.

This year I must return to my roots

… to be grounded in the midst of chaos

… to find calm when my child dumps a box of toys that I just cleaned up moments before

… to be patient instead of pissed when my children do not want to comply with my need to be timely

… to meditate

… to slow down

… to reconnect with friends and those that I haven’t carved out enough time for

… to feel myself in my own skin again

… to remember the gift of who I am and what I have to offer in this world

And so with that, I am ready to RISE.

Calm in chaos, Meditation, Being centered, grounded

The rise…


As I root myself in the place and state of my every day life, I search for the strength to rise through this time, when my time is not all my own, when I am pulled in many directions, but through it all, I will make the time, find the energy, and have the courage to pursue and persist for those things that feed my spirit, light a fire in my belly, and make me who I am.

Without this rising, I could one day wake up to realize I’ve lost those things about me which made me—me. My children could know a mom who doesn’t even know herself; my husband could have a wife he didn’t marry.

And so I commit to root to rise, and within that to dive deeper than ever before into a year of community and connection.

I plan to put myself out there more (writing, blogging, showing up), yet in other ways, I plan to turn my life more inwards (putting away my phone, meditating, being present with my family).

I hope you will follow me on my journey as I share more of myself, the meanderings of my mind, my shortcomings, and my gifts.

I’m excited to see “root to rise” take formation for me, not just for this year, but for every year moving forward.

What are you dreaming about for this upcoming year?

4 thoughts on “Peeking Out from Behind the Clouds of Parenting

  1. Mary Carwile says:

    Wonderful, thought provoking! You are in a very busy season of life. As does every thing, this too shall pass. So great to know you are in this season yet know you need to stay centered, calm and peaceful in the center. You got this!

  2. Carol says:

    Yes yes and yes! That is awesome Andrea! You are an inspiration to me. Well said and as I was reading this I could feel the energy. This is me waking up today, too! Thank you for being the best version of you! Hugs!

  3. Susannah says:

    Beautiful!! As my kids get older, this is still my anthem!! 🙂
    Something occurred to me when I read….bring in more adults and other communities to your tribe of raising your kids. Yes Mom and Dad come first but community and connection elevates our families too. In our society it’s not as rooted or cohesive as we would like to have it as past generations or other cultures, so here we have to create it. Swapping kids with other parents, allowing friends to care for them for a bit, bringing your community of support to you in your home, or even sometimes it can look like paying a good sitter every now and then….we truly are meant to not do it all, and not all on our own, in life, raising kids, or as a woman. I say our old paradigm be pushed on more and more as we sense the stress of how it doesn’t work for us or our families and communities. It has been such a practice for me to embrace new ones for myself and not easy, but worth it the mindset shift and getting out of my comfort zone. Much love to you! Here’s to more connection, community, and rooting to rise! Can’t wait to connect more 🙂 susannah campora

  4. This really hits home. Thank you for putting it in to words. I have felt very disconnected and working to find my way…not back but forward to the best version of me that is possible.

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