“Oh Girls, They Just Wanna Have Fun!” — Bringing Playfulness Back

I’m not sure what happened, but I’ve noticed that my tone about life has taken a road towards serious-ville. Perhaps it’s getting married, having a kid, and edging closer towards the BIG 4-0. Whatever IT is, I can’t say that I like it.

Winter really gets to me, I still haven’t totally shaken my Florida roots. Being cooped up inside for months on end with darkness looming at 4:30p.m. makes me retreat. But I need to find fun, even in the darkness.

I’ve noticed a sense of restlessness and a rumbling for more fun and adventure within me. I can tell I’m ready for some change. I’m also craving deeper, meaningful connections within my community as well.

I’ve been working as a solo-entrepreneur for ten years now, and while I’m an introvert by nature, I absolutely love people. I find my most meaningful moments are shared with others, not by myself. Lately I can’t help but notice I’m feeling this sense to be even more connected.

Diverse experiences, Global connections

I’m yearning for more diverse life experiences and to get out of the day-to-day ruts and to-do’s that seem to dominate most of my time. I’m wondering what festivals I can attend this year, or what holiday’s I can celebrate from other cultures? I want to paint my hands with henna, I want to dress in a sari, I want to visit a mosque. I want to celebrate all of life with the many diverse people on this planet. I want to travel. I want to journey around the world through reading and playing when I can’t be on a plane. I want to sing and dance and chant. I want to be in nature. I want to see the world. I want to meet the world’s people.



My sense of playfulness has seemed to escape me for the sake of “doing what needs to be done.” I’m making this my commitment to myself to be more playful, not just in 2016, although that will be a big focus, but ongoing as well. I want to step away from this serious-ness that I’ve succumbed to and get out there and really enjoy the richness of life.

This year, and on, I’m committing to inviting a more playful approach to how I live.

  • Playfulness in my parenting
  • Playfulness in my marriage
  • Playfulness in my work
  • Playfulness in my life and relationships
  • Playfulness in just plain playing

So, if you are out there having fun and being playful, I want to join in. Please invite me. Or, if you have some ideas on how I can bring more joyfulness to my days, I’d love to hear. Now, let’s go out and have some fun together!

Share what you are doing to have more fun, joy, and playfulness in your life in the comments below.

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