Conversation, Community, and Chai for Nepal

It’s hard to believe in the heart of a small town like Golden, Colorado you have a gem like the Sherpa House. A cultural center fully adorned with a wishing wheel, dieties, and delicious food from the Himalayas.

On Monday night, over 45 people gathered together to raise awareness about human trafficking, to learn more about a country in Asia, and meet a few people who are doing their part in making their world a better place.

It was an inspiring night, even with such a heavy topic, it somehow felt light. In the shadows of the all the trauma that comes with human trafficking, there was so much light in that room.

While most of our prior Global Grubbing events have focused more on food, culture and the personal stories of one individual, Monday, we had an overall feeling of love… for the people of Nepal, the for girls who’ve been trafficked, and for what’s truly possible.

We heard from Sarah Davison-Tracy from Seeds of Exchange, who is a magical connector and creator inspiring people and sharing the stories of Nepal. We heard from Josh Duncan from Mountain Child, whose passion and tenacity to make a difference are profound. We heard from Grant Knisley from Code Red Films, who has a quiet sense of power about him that makes people stop and listen.

Then we heard from Raju, someone who lives this work daily—in the trenches. He closed his talk by saying…

“We don’t need big hands to make a difference. We need many small hands to make a big difference.”

This I truly believe. We can all do our part to make a small impact, and it is with those small acts that big impact is made.

At the end of the night, we got to hear from some of the Badi girls as they shared their dreams with us about their future. They invited us to come and visit them in Nepal as there are hundreds more like them we could meet. Their smiles beamed. Our smiles all beamed back.



Fried Noodles, Chicken Curry and Cauliflower Curry
Chicken Momo!

Watch the slideshow below.

Did you have a favorite part of the evening? Share it here in the comments. Have you been to Nepal? Share your personal stories below.

3 thoughts on “Conversation, Community, and Chai for Nepal

  1. Gina King says:

    Really an amazing and heartfelt event full of hope. I learned so much about human trafficking in Nepal and how a few people can create a see of change. Thank you!

  2. Kelly Craighead says:

    I tried everything on the buffet. The food was absolutely delicious. Yak Stew, the spinach, pickled turnips, chicken curry, cauliflower curry, and the fried noodles, those, in particular, surprised me…I really enjoyed the flavor! The chai was delicious. I had spent time with the evening’s guest speakers over the past few days and it was quite an experience to see such a full room of people there to experience Andrea’s Global Grubbing…it was raining outside and humid inside, the group cozied in along corners and long tables…Andrea invited us to turn to the person by us we did not know and to share a little about why we came tonight and what our connection was to being here. I really enjoyed getting to know about the others who were there with me, hungry for not only another culture’s food but hungry to learn about Nepal, about each other, about exploring and trying new things, and celebrating each other while we each shared. Andrea has such a great soul-quenching, unique gathering opportunity going with Global Grubbing. – This was my second one in the past month. I love what I’ve learned and how my own, personal connections and community has grown from them.

  3. Seriously, dear Andrea – WOW. This night was a JOY – full of connections, feasting, stories, courage, possibilities, LOVE. Thank YOU for being YOU and doing what you do. xoxoxoxo.

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