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It was by chance that I met Sujita. I had stopped in the mall to get my eyebrows threaded (a technique mainly used by woman in Asia and the Middle East), an alternative to waxing that I started doing just earlier this year. When I first went into the salon to get threaded, I realized it was all woman from around the world who were doing this service, so that intrigued me more and I’ve continued to go ever since.

I usually just walk-in when it’s convenient, so I get a different person every time. But this time, I met Sujita.

She instantly felt warm, inviting, and easy to talk to. She spoke great English and had a beautiful accent. I couldn’t help but start talking to her about where she was from, how long she lived here, and to find out what her story was. At the time,  I had just personally committed to  kicking off my Global Grubbing cooking series and I felt Sujita might have something amazing to offer.

She immediately began sharing about a favorite Nepalese dish, Momo, similar to potstickers, filled with vegetables and ground chicken and served with a spicy tomato pico. We exchanged numbers and I promised to call her.

It took me weeks to call her, and then it was just a call to promise to call again in a few more weeks. Finally, I called with the intention to meet up and she quickly said, “Tomorrow!” Okay, tomorrow it is!

I hung up the phone excited to meet Sujita at her home and talk more about Nepalese food and culture. The next morning, I got a text from her, “I make lunch for you today 🙂 🙂  :).”

I felt honored and excited! I didn’t intend for her to cook for me, but I was grateful. To get invited to sit down to a made-from-scratch-meal with someone in their home, to me, is an honor.

I pulled up to her home and she welcomed me outside. Her smile is so big and bright, and she has an immediate sense of charisma that just pulls you in (you can see from the picture below)!

She led me to her kitchen where she was in the midst of making Momo, the dish that her son was going to be extremely excited about eating for dinner tonight!

Sujita, and her welcoming smile, in her kitchen

She hand wrapped dozens of these little delicacies and was in the midst of making her third (40-minute) batch in the double-boiler.

Cooking Momos, Nepali Food, Global Grubbing, Denver, Ethnic Dining, Cooking School

Cooking Chicken Momos in a Double Boilder, Nepali food, Denver
Cooking Chicken Momos in a Double Boiler

Once they were ready, we sat down to eat! She fixed a plate for me that was over-flowing with Momo. Then, she poured a bowl of her tomato pico and warned me to go slowly. “I made it not so spicy for you.”

I eagerly (and nervously) took my first bit. I did as Sujita suggested and only put a small amount of pico to test the heat level. Instantly my mouth was satisfied. I felt the heat pierce through my tongue. I wanted more! With each bite I doused my Momo a bit more with that spicy red pico. As drops of perspiration started to form on my forehead and my nose slightly began to run, she insisted I drink a Coca-cola with this meal. “The coke makes the dish, it takes away the spice,” she urged.

I surrendered.

She was right.

There was something kind of magical about the pairing of that heat with a coca-cola.

Momo, Spicy Tomato Chicken, Global Grubbing, Ethnic Cuisine, Nepali food
Momos with a spicy tomato pico!

Of course, I loved what she cooked for me. But she didn’t stop there. Sujita went to the fridge to offer me some other dishes she had stored away. Cauliflower curry, a cucumber pico, a rice-flour snack, they just kept coming! (And how could I say no!?)

We concluded our lunch with a tea, whipped up on the stove in a small pot with black loose-leaf  tea, whole milk, and a few spoonful’s of sugar. It tasted like a delectable chai, homemade in minutes. Now, if only I could duplicate THAT!?

I could share more about our few hours we spent together, but I want you to see first hand just how remarkable this woman is. Luckily for me and for you—Sujita has agreed to host a Nepalese cooking night with me. We’ve set the date for Wednesday, October 14th and we do hope you’ll join us.

On the menu…

  • Homemade chicken Momo
  • Cauliflower curry
  • Tomato pico
  • Chai tea
  • Rice pudding

Be sure to join us and she will have you smelling and eating raw clove (for fresh breath, sore throat), and tasting things you’ve never seen before!

Register for the cooking class here ==> Reserve My Seat Here. 

When you can’t travel around the world, bring the world to your dinner table through grubbing globally!

If you want a taste of Nepali food and culture, grab a seat for the Global Grubbing, Nepali dinner at the Sherpa House in Golden on October 5th. You can register for that event here.


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