Global Grubbing – A Journey to Venezuela through Food

Last night we had our first Global Grubbing experience at Elote’s Café in Golden, Colorado. We had a smaller, intimate group, and it was a perfect start to a blossoming idea.

Dining on Venezuelan food with Global Grubbing
Dining on Venezuelan food with Global Grubbing

The owner, Luis, was at the restaurant when we arrived and he greeted us and shared about the Latin American specials they had prepared that day. Each month they integrate different specials into the menu to offer a wider range of Latin cuisine. Luis is a jovial man, who you can tell is passionate about his restaurant and the food he serves.

Our group kicked off the evening with a delicious juice made from Soursop. This is a fruit I’d only seen once before in Thailand and had never tried. We all ordered one, except for Addison, our junior guest, she requested pineapple. However, once the drinks arrived she swapped out her pineapple for her mother’s Soursop.

Soursop Juice! A refreshing and delightful drink.

Next we got started with ordering a variety of foods. We ordered tostones, yucca, empanadas, chacapas, and areapas in various flavors (beef, chicken, beans).

Then our guests, Endy and Neil, who are originally from Venezuela, shared information with us about the country, the people, the culture, and the differences of things here in America.

We learned some fun things, like in Venezuela a hamburger is not a hamburger like we know it here. It’s stacked 6” high and can have more than one type of meat. It has so many things on it, it’s hard to bite into it. Plus, you can get one of these monstrous treats until 6am down on “Hungry Street.” Even their hotdogs are done differently and with HUGE amounts of additions, like avocados. It seems as though America doesn’t own the hamburger and hotdog market and perhaps Venezuela is showing us how to really indulge these foods!

We also learned some of the harsher truths of the country right now as well. People are in crisis there. There are major food shortages, too much crime, very little money, and a government that is controlling everything.

Now, back to the food.

When the food arrived, the plates were all passed so that we all received a sampling of each of the menu items. I think everyone had their own favorites, Addison (our junior guest), loved the yucca fries. She was adventurous and did try all the dishes. Others of us loved the cachapas, myself included. And who doesn’t love an empanada?!

Yucca Fries
Tostones (Fried Plantains)
Empanadas (a crowd favorite!)
Cachapas – the surprise treat!

Overall, it was a great night of traveling to Venezuela right here in our own backyard in Golden, Colorado. We had a fun evening of sharing, learning, growing, and trying something new. I can’t wait to do it again next week when we travel all the way to Southeast Asia – Cambodia, here we come!

Do you have a favorite food from Venezuela? Do any of these things tempt your taste buds? Let me know, I’d love to hear what you are eager to try or what foods you already love.

One thought on “Global Grubbing – A Journey to Venezuela through Food

  1. Endy says:

    It was a really DeliciouS night! Thanks Andrea for let me be part of this project and let me talk about of my Amazing country “VENEZUELA”!!!

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