People Are Good. I Really Believe That.

Love this sign in SAME Cafe!

When you look around at most of the world, it’s easy to question whether or not humanity has totally become a complete wreck. Our news reminds us of all the tragedies, traumas, and terrors that are happening at every moment and in every corner of the world. But sometimes, all you need to do is walk into a local café in the heart of your city to find out that good people really do exist.

Today, I stopped into SAME Café for lunch with a meetup group. SAME stands for So All May Eat. It’s a donation-based café – meaning if you can’t pay anything and you are hungry – you can still eat. If you want, you can “work” off your meal by volunteering in the restaurant.

Today’s lunch: Kale Salad, Potato Soup, and Pizza…. topped off with a lovely, warm, shortbread cookie!

Even to me, it’s sometimes hard to believe a place like this could work, but they’ve been around for EIGHT years—showing that their do-good-stance and belief that people are generally good, works.

While I sat at my table, I overheard a young man chatting with another person about how excited he was to have a place like this.

“You can really just volunteer to eat?, How much do you volunteer?” he asked.
“Twice a week,” the man said.
“I wonder how much I could volunteer so I could eat here more” he replied.

Then, after he finished his lunch, he grabbed a bucket of water and a towel and wiped down all the tables and chairs in the restaurant. And he didn’t do it half-heartedly either, he did it with pride. He just worked for his meal.

Meanwhile, a woman sat next to me wrapping silverware in napkins to work off her lunch. Otherwise put money in the donation box. There are no prices. No suggested donations. It’s all up to the people who come in to eat. It’s what they give in either money or time that keeps this place going year-after-year.

Your hope in humanity is restored when you see this happening around you. People aren’t just walking in here and taking a meal. They are doing what they can to contribute. And it’s in their contributions that their bellies are full, their hearts are warmed, and hope is restored. 

What have you seen lately that keeps you believing that people are good? I’d love to know. Share below. 

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