The Magic of Soup and Dreams

What do soup and dreams have in common? Well, they bring people together! Food is the heart of humanity and a bonding point for most people—and dreams, doesn’t everybody have them? So why not talk about the dreams of what we hope to inspire over a few cups of soups from various cultures!?

A brilliant idea from Evan, the creator of Warm Cookies of the Revolution (yes, another catchy and creative name!).IMG_4291

Last week I attended the Soup and Dreams event and was ecstatic to see that over 200 people RSVP’ed to attend and over $2000 was raised for the several NGO’s that were present (a nice little impact for a fun evening of community mingling).IMG_4288

So, I’d love to share more about what an evening of Soup and Dreams entailed:

Upon arriving, you dropped $8 donation into a bucket and then made a quick pit stop to grab a nametag!

Then first of course, the lovely soups! I partook in almost all of the soups that were offered, with my favorite being the spicy red lentil soup from Ethiopia. Yum(squared!).

Spicy red lentil Ethiopian soup
Spicy red lentil Ethiopian soup

My next favorite was the Burmese soup, besides having corn in it, I’m not exactly sure what it was, but it was delish! (Sorry, no picture here, I must’ve eaten too fast.) The Ramen bowl was quite lovely, but more than the taste, I was most pleased with the “one-time-use-palm-leaf-bowl” pictured here!

Ramen Soup in a “One-Time-Use Palm Leaf Bowl!”

Once we made it past the soups, there were also cookies. These cookies are baked by a community member who creates a plethora of flavor and varieties. Sadly, I didn’t make it to that table in time to get some of the more creative combinations, but what I did have was lovely.

But above all, and most importantly, it was what was spoken of that drew me to the event == >> Non-profits, Community, Giving back, Making a difference.

We learned about several organizations, including a few that I’ve already heard of and totally admire, Project Worthmore, Produce for Pantries, Project VOYCE, and Metro Denver Sanctuary Coalition. Each organization had to pitch one of the other organizations, which is a creative and innovative way to get these groups to work together. They gave a general overview and requested what their needs were—whether donors, board members, volunteers, or other items.


We were entertained between pitches by a junior Mariachi band, that was quite delightful, The Pink Hawks (an afro-pop jazz band), and the great Bobby LeFebre, who was absolutely dynamite.


Here’s what I took away from this event: 

There are a LOT of people who care about the community. There are people DOING amazing things to make this world a better place. And I’m so excited about playing a part in this community. Overall, it was a fun and festive evening, I just wish I had the chance to meet everyone there and learn what drives and fuels them when it comes to creating community.

You can see the full invite of Soup and Dreams here, and learn more about what the Warm Cookies of the Revolution is doing in Denver to create a Civic Health Community!

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