The Making of An Awesome Community

Do you really love your neighborhood, your city, and your community?

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Next week marks my eight year anniversary for moving to the city of Denver, Colorado. In eight years, I’ve created a community and network for myself here, but not only do I love the people, I love the city as well—and it just seems to be getting better and better.

I know MANY other towns and cities have a lot of the same awesomeness that Denver has—which leads me to my question today:

What Goes Into the Making of an Awesome Community?

Overlooking City Park, downtown, and the Rocky Mountains from the Denver Nature and Science Museum this past winter.
Visiting the new Colorado History Museum with my son last December.


Here’s a little taste of what I think creates a great community… (and it’s not all from my home town of Denver!)

Restaurant in the heart of Little Italy, San Diego.


Great Restaurants. I recently had a few business trips to San Diego, which has allowed me some time to explore the city. There are tons of great restaurants here–and food always gets my vote!

Go ahead, grab some flowers on your way home. (San Diego, CA)

AccessibilityThe ability to easily walk to and access our daily needs, such as grocery, transit, and entertainment is all a part of what goes into making a great community. If you don’t have to drive somewhere to do something, people are much happier!

DSCN1079 This little place called Pocket Park is a creative innovation in East Village, San Diego. It’s a little hub and welcome place of connection in the heart of a busy city.


Places to Mingle. When cities and communities are built with people in mind, spaces are created to help people gather, whether an urban spot like Petco Park above, or open/green spaces within neighborhoods.

My friend, Polly Letofsky, in Denver’s RiNo District.

Projects that Care. In the heart of Denver’s RiNo Art District, you’ll find alley’s lined with amazing art to help revitalize the neighborhood. Any good community is constantly seeking how they can improve on what’s already there. Do we create art in the alleys? Do we host community events to help connect people? Do we get together to clean up people’s yards and houses? 

Visiting an orphanage with our son, Rawley, in Sayulita, Mexico

People. But above all else, what’s most important is the people. It’s people like you and me that care. That’s what makes an awesome community. Even if you don’t have art in your alley’s, fancy-foodie-restaurants, or live events–you can still have people that care.

More than anything what matters most are the PEOPLE living
in your community and HOW they are and show up in their world.

So if you want a great community, be a great community. What you do matters. It’s the energy of the people that make change, allow for a place to flourish, and make a vibe that gets people getting out behind their closed doors and connecting with one another.

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