Do I Really Have to Ask?

Making a difference, Get out and act!We’ve all been there. The place when you really need or want something so badly and yet your partner (friend, sibling, parent, boss, co-worker) just isn’t getting it. They aren’t stepping up to the plate and doing what you need them to do.

And you think to yourself, DO I REALLY HAVE TO ASK YOU TO DO THIS FOR ME? You should know that I need/want this–shouldn’t you?

But what if I didn’t ask the question? What if I never made the request? Is that person still responsible for complying with my wishes?

Yesterday, I spent my day volunteering with Wish for Wheels, a local Denver-based non-profit that builds brand new bikes and gets them in the hands of kids in need. The company we worked with yesterday brought in Wish for Wheels and raised enough money to build over 100 bikes for kids in their community.

As we delivered the bikes to Wheeling Elementary in Aurora yesterday afternoon, the Principal spoke to the group. He said something that really struck a chord in me. He said, “You all just did something for the people in your community without being ASKED to do it.”

Building bikes for Kids, donating bikes, Denver, Charity, Wish for Wheels
Click on this image to see more photos from the day!

It made me realize how much we DEPEND on people ASKING us to do something. How often do we simply take the initiative to perform that random act of kindness?

What NEEDS or WANTS exist in your community right now that you quite possibly haven’t paid attention to because no one has asked you to do anything about it?

Don’t wait to be asked. Get out and act. Find the need. Fill the void. Do good. Make a difference.

Don’t wait to be asked.

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