A Taste of Comfort Food from Around the World

This week I’ve been nursing a head cold that seemed to get passed around our house faster than I could grab a tissue to wipe my nose.

Yesterday, despite my stuffiness, I still ventured out to see my refugee friend to help her with English since I haven’t seen her for a while.

After we finished up our work together, she insisted I stay for some food. She went into the kitchen and within minutes whipped up a delectable meal of noodles, meat, spices and some other yummy goodness that I still don’t know what it was.

The yummy noodle dish Chyung (from Myanmar) fixed for me yesterday to help my "achoo's"
The yummy noodle dish Chyung (from Myanmar) fixed for me yesterday to help my “achoo’s”

She told me, “Sweat good. Make achoo, achoo go bye-bye.” Loving ethnic foods as I do, I happily devoured this delicious bowl she set in front of me. However, I must disclose that I wasn’t skilled enough to eat it with the chopsticks, I resorted to taking her up on a spoon and fork that was waiting for me nearby .

Regardless, this got me thinking as I made a homemade batch of chicken noodle soup for my own sick family this week. It’s what I’ve always eaten when I wasn’t feeling well, but it brought to my awareness that not every culture and person chooses ot eat or believes in the power of chicken soup. Instead, other people may eat a spicy noodle bowl or something else all together.

So, I scoured the Internet to see what I could find. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a challenge, but I was still able to come up with some other alternatives to chicken soup. Take a look at what other people eat around the world when they aren’t feeling their best or just need to indulge in some good-old-fashioned-comfort-food.

(Click on the name of the food to be taken to a recipe for this item.)

JapaneseKayu or okayu– A rice porridge, often garnished with umeboshi. Get the recipe here

Chinese – Congee – Chinese comfort food, topped with onions, ginger, parsley and soy sauce

JewishMatzoh Ball Soup – It has a similar base as chicken soup, but the matzoh balls set this food apart

Mexican/SpanishMenudo – Latin inspired soup with a beef base

AustralianToast with Vegemite – A vegetable and spiced spread for toast, usually eaten at breakfast

New Zeleand – Marmite on Toast

VietnamesePho/Noodle Soup – A rice noodle and beef, broth based soup

Puerto RicanAsopao – A thick soup with ham and chicken

Cuban – Ropa Vieja

KoreanBibimbap – Mixed rice with meat and vegetables

CubanRopa Vieja – Shredded flank steak with peppers, onions and spices served over rice

Indian – Khichdi – A rice and lentil dish

Ukrainian/RussianBorscht – A beet soup

ThaiTom Yom Soup – A soup of lemongrass, Kaffir and galangal

DutchStamppot – Mashed potatoes with a variety of vegetables

FilipinoSinigang – A sour and savory soup with tamarind –

For some other comfort food recipes from around the world, check out this post here. It includes fried rice, baklava, and Japanese rice balls.

What other food remedies do you partake in when you aren’t feeling well? I’d love to know. Please comment and post below.

Is my list complete or do you have a food to add? Please post a comfort food from your country/culture and add a link to the recipe to help complete this list. I know there are many, many more.

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