The Battle of Technology vs. Connectedness

There are so many ways in which we can feel connected. Yet, how many of us have battled with feeling alone, disconnected, and disengaged from the rest of life?

In our recent times, we are charged with understanding how connection works with technology. In this time of transition, we are exploring what works and what doesn’t in how we interact online and maintain a sense of true connectedness. Even when we are in person with those we love, they may be distracted by the lens of technology.

Technology and Human ConnectionIt may leave you wondering in that moment, “HEY, are you on Facebook or are you with ME!?” 

It leads me to ask the question, is technology really bringing us closer or is it slowly tearing us apart?

I came across a  study that showed in 1994 each American said they had 3 people to confide in, ten years later in 2004 people reported only having 1 person to confide in. The big gap? Because 25% of people said they had absolutely ZERO people like that in their life. 

What’s happening here? How can we live in a time when we have instant access to the anyone anywhere in the world and still feel ALONE?

It’s an epidemic.

As human beings we need social connectedness. We need to be a part of our communities and interact with people on a regular basis.

This weekend, I had some ladies over for a baby shower. A few of us got into a discussion about Facebook and we talked about how terrible it is that Facebook has now become the primary tool for connecting with people. One friend complained, “I found out the sex of my best friend’s baby through a Facebook post! I called her up, I couldn’t believe she posted it there without telling me first.”

And, I agree. That’s near insanity.

Facebook and other social media shouldn’t be used as the ONLY tool for connecting with people. Human interaction and true connectedness cannot come through a computer screen. In fact, I truly believe that the more we rely on technology to connect us, the more we will feel separate.

When we are sucked into the throes of Facebook, social media and other technology are we really cultivating a sense of true connectedness?  We may be “in the know” about other people’s lives, but do you really feel more connected to them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on technology and connection. Leave a comment below to join the discussion. 




One thought on “The Battle of Technology vs. Connectedness

  1. Julio Blanco says:

    I feel that tools like Facebook facilitate a broader range of “touches” with other people (connection seems like too strong a word), but I wonder if we’ve been lulled into thinking that genuine human connection is meant to be comprised of these types of superficial, fleeting contacts? It seems to me that real connection still takes a higher degree of time, attention and commitment than the passing glances of human interaction you often give and get on social media venues.

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