Seize the Opportunity

There really are opportunities everywhere to make a contribution to your community. When you start to look for those opportunities, recognize them, and take action you’ll find them everywhere.

With the team for creating Jenna's wish, from left to right: Gloria from Make a Wish, Me, Jenna, the wish recipient, Vicki, Polly
With the team for creating Jenna’s wish, from left to right: Gloria from Make a Wish, Me, Jenna, the wish recipient, Vicki, Polly

Just within the last few weeks I’ve had opportunities to…

  • Help a neighbor when he left the garage door open when he was gone, by walking across the street and closing it for him
  • Tend to a person on my street with a flat tire to inquire about their safety
  • Sign up for cooking meals at Ronald McDonald house with a group of other women
  • Be a part of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation’s wish of helping a 15-year-old teen self-publish her inspirational book
  • And tomorrow, I’m heading off to a one night hut trip for cancer patients with Live By Living

I’m telling you all this, because I truly believe OPPORTUNITIES are EVERYWHERE.

Knowing that opportunities exist all over the place, was the inspiration for my Connected book. I wanted people to see that there are so many ways we can contribute and build community.

But first, you must be open to see them and then notice when the opportunity presents itself.

If we aren’t looking, we likely won’t find it. But simply asking for more opportunities and being open to them, your perspective can shift.

Yesterday, when the woman on the street had the flat tire in front of my house. I debated for a minute or two whether I should go outside. She doesn’t need my help, maybe she does, she probably doesn’t she was on the phone. Oh Andrea, just go outside. So, I walked outside, introduced myself, told her I’d help in whatever way she needed and to knock as I was home. She didn’t need help, but it was the offer that was important.

Today, look around you. What opportunities are right in front of you to take action and make a difference in your community?

Tell me about the opportunities that have been showing up for you.

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