Getting Involved: What’s In it For YOU?

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Most people intuitively believe there’s some benefit to being involved in community service, but yet there’s still a disconnect as to why some people volunteer and some don’t.

In 2012, studies showed that 26.8% of Americans volunteered. 

I think that’s a great number, especially considering it’s the highest level in five years (according to the report on Civic Life.)

Another great statistic was that 65.1% of people do favors for their neighbors. Yay neighbors!!

But, let’s talk about why some people may be on the fence about volunteering and what they may be missing out on by not spending at least a few hours a month volunteering.

There are many tangible benefits that are related to volunteering, such as it looks great on your resume, you have an opportunity to network, and learn a new skill.

But I’d like to talk about the intangible benefits of getting involved and participating in community service.

  • You have the opportunity to make an impact and make a difference
  • You’ll feel a greater sense of gratitude and happiness about your own life and well being
  • You’ll feel connected to your community and the people around you
  • You’ll help solve local or global problems
  • You’ll find a sense of purpose and achievement
  • You’ll get to interact with people of all different walks of life
  • You’ll increase your empathy and compassion towards others and yourself
  • You’ll feel needed and find a place of belonging

While these benefits aren’t exactly measurable, I can almost guarantee that if you take the time to help others, your life and well being increase immensely. There’s no greater joy than the joy that comes from being of service in the world.

So, what do you say? Ready to get started volunteering a few hours a month or a quarter with an organization you care about?

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