Ways to Make a Difference

Change the world, Make a difference, How to help peopleI recently inquired with Google to see how many people are searching for “making a difference.” What I found was that there are over 1.5 million people searching for “How can I help people” every month.

1.5 Million People

If you multiply that by 12 months a year – that’s over 18 million people a year searching for ways to make a difference. Does that warm your heart? It does to me.

Are you one of those people?

So, that seems to be the big question. How can you really make a difference and do good in the world?

Here are five ways to make a difference.

  1. Act Local – Think Global. Start with the small groups that you interact with most frequently. That could mean your immediate family, co-workers, book club, or other groups and associations. Start making small changes there by how you act towards one another, how inclusive you are, and what energy you bring to the group. The more you create this in your small sub-groups, the more chance it has to grow and expand globally. That’s why we must first act local, but think global!
  2. Seize every opportunity. To make a difference, we don’t need to create a large scale impact like Mother Teresa or Gandhi, while we can over time, we must start with what opportunities are there in front of us. Look for what’s happening in your community and in your day-to-day to where you can take opportunities to do good. It’s those small and random acts of kindness and generosity that really change the world.
  3. Change the conversation. So much of our conversations revolve around what is wrong, what’s bad, what’s not going right. Seek to change the conversation to talking about acts of good, what we envision for the world, and our biggest dreams. Just talking about it gets people excited and could inspire them to get on your “make a difference train.”
  4. Teach and practice empathy. Love, empathy and compassion will change the world. The more people who are empathetic and compassionate towards one another, the greater chance we have at creating world peace, bringing people together to solve more problems, to end poverty and more… Use every opportunity you can to speak kind words and to understand where people are coming from. Teach these principles to your children, your parents, and to anyone else who will listen.
  5. Be courageous. It takes courage to want to change the world and make a difference. We sometimes have to go against the grain, take a stand for what we believe in, and act outside of our comfort zone. But the payoffs are huge–for ourselves and for others. When we act with courage, we are saying that we believe we really can make a difference. When we do that, the world changes!

Now go out and change the world!


2 thoughts on “Ways to Make a Difference

  1. I like this. Actually a little bit of #5 (courage) is all it takes to get through numbers 1-4. When you get back to 5 again you find it really wasn’t that hard at all. I’ve taken small steps in the past to be involved with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and now am one of the Co-leads for the newest chapter located in Ft. Collins, CO/Cheyenne, WY.

    As I look back, this was the process I experienced. I took a bit of courage, asked a question, started with a small local event, got others excited and now we are building to better things ahead.

    A great post.

    Thanks, Andrea.

  2. Andrea says:

    Dean – I love that you pointed out how courage is really the start of the cycle of making a difference! I agree. Congrats on making a difference and for getting people excited about it too.
    Keep it up!

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