What the People of the World Really Want

Bangkok, Thailand, World Peace, Peace, What people wantIt was day one of our Thailand trip. We’d walked several miles scouring through the streets of Bangkok, immersed in pungent smells of the street vendors and pollution, languages from around the world and temples.

We finally began to slow our pace down and as we were heading back to the ferry on the river, we stopped in Chinatown for a fried banana snack. As I ordered from the street vendor, I took a step back waiting for her to finish cooking.

Meanwhile a few other local women came up to the same vendor and ordered some treats as well. One stepped back and told me to order the fried banana as this woman’s was the best. I ensured her I had.

We got into a little conversation in broken English. Our conversation started with where she had traveled to in America, through parts of California and Las Vegas.

Then, she asked me about Obama.Obama? We are so far from home, but people want to talk about this.

“Obama good?” She asked.

I nodded and asked her, “Obama good?”

“Yes,” she said, smiling.

Then she said to me, “What all people want is peace. No war, just peace.”

My heart melted. Rob, my husband, looked at me and smiled. When we walked away he said, “That just totally made your day didn’t it?”

And it did.

For a woman who could barely speak English to be able to express that to me was just magical. I do believe her statement is true, it is what most people in the world want.

Do you agree?


4 thoughts on “What the People of the World Really Want

  1. Paresh Rana says:

    Miss Andrea

    I agree. And what I find beautiful about this statement is how true it rings when we recognize its application inward. I believe this is truly the realm we speak from when we say that all we really want is peace. The world out there is a metaphor for this internal state. It has one significant difference though. The peace out there seems to be in Obama’s or Peace Corp or God’s hands. The peace inside requires only me to choose it. Thank you for your share. Big love!

  2. Julio Blanco says:


    It sure is what I want. For myself and others, especially my children. I’ve often thought about how lucky I’ve been to avoid war during my life… after all, had I remained in Nicaragua during the 1980’s, war is what I would have experienced. I’m lucky that my wars have all been in between my two ears and the battle there for peace is being slowly won with age and a little wisdom creeping in. What a beautiful experience you had. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Andrea says:


    Beautifully stated. I do agree, peace is internal decision and one we can all choose.

    In Service,

  4. Andrea says:


    What a great perspective on realizing the only wars you’ve really had to face have been between your two ears. Sometimes those are the hardest wars to settle, but it’s always possible. Love heals all!

    🙂 Andrea

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